Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Growing Tea


A few months ago I purchased a small tea plant off of eBay for a small price. It appeared to not be growing, so I pulled it up and the roots looked healthy! Ah, so I repotted it, hoping it will reroot okay. Minus the shock, it should recover.

Since I thought it failed, I ordered some tea seeds from Horizon Herbs, which produces fresh seeds of all kinds every year. It appears 2010 was a good season for them, so I have high hopes for germination rates! I just cracked 5 seeds open and are soaking them overnight. I will then proceed to plant them with my other tea plant, trying to keep warm.



Wes Crosswhite said...

IIRC cam's germination period is a couple of months, so get ready for a long wait.

(I'm excited to see them grow, though!)

Ecclenser said...

Thanks. Yeah, I'm in no rush... But I do hope to see results!