Monday, March 2, 2009

Kombucha Batch, Numero Uno

After seven days of brewing and picking up a case of EZ Cap bottles, I bottled around two gallons of kombucha tea. Temperatures throughout brewing remained around 62 degrees with minimal variation.

Included are: Five bottles are Kenyan black kombucha (back row). Three bottles are Dragonwell/Long Jing kombucha (front left). Two bottles are Dragonwell/Long Jing with raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry and ginger (front right).

...For the flavored bottles, I simply cooked about 3/4 cup of mixed berries with about an ounce of water on stove top. Simmered about five minutes, and strained and decanted into bottles. The juice is about 1/4 of the entire bottle, maybe less...

At this point, I'm letting them sit out at room temperature. Bottles of kombucha that are raw and unpasteurized will create carbonation via anaerobic yeast activity. Since this is my first time brewing and bottling, I'm going to try the kombucha at different intervals with different bottles. After 48 hours of bottled time, I'm going to taste and decide if I should let the rest of the batch continue fermenting at room temperature. The final step is refrigeration and enjoyment. I have met a few people who have either never had kombucha, or have had limited experience with it.

I'm excited to share what I have helped create :D

On a final note, I immediately began brewing two more gallons of kombucha. This time, I'm brewing large leaf Bi Lo Chun in one container, and Yunnan White Tips (~Silver Needle) to the other gallon.

Let there be fizz...


Annabelle Ho said...

your kombucha looks VERY nice!!!!! :)

Ecclenser said...

Thank you!

I'm just crossing my fingers for fizz :D