Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008 Xiaguan FT Nan Zhou

This past summer, I decided to make a down payment on some future drinking. In other words, I bought a tong of some delicious FT pu-erh.

Since each cake is 454 grams, there are only 5 cakes in a tong. I opened a cake and have had many sessions with this tea. The other four cakes are going to rest in a cardboard box with my other shengs for many years.

Nan Zhou is an interesting tea, being thick, bitter, flavorful, smoky, and leaving a nice hui gan in my mouth. Also, the aroma cup during gong-fu lights up with an appetizing sweet, penetrating smell.

The soup, golden amber, is as thick as it looks.

Although it's not a perfect tea, I am happy to have some cakes for ageing. The leaves are mostly small and fine, though some larger leaves appear periodically. The buds on the cake which appear as decoration, reveal to be well preserved and "larva-like".

I usually acheive 7-8 infusions of varying intensity, which fare much better through a vessel like a gaiwan due to fast pouring.


Bret said...

Ive thought about buying a tong before but as yet have never made the commitment. How much did that set you back?

Ecclenser said...

I had wanted to set aside 4 cakes for aging. I like it so much, it will be hard to resist.

The tong set me back $105, or $21/ beeng.

In all honesty, it satisfied the novelty of having a tong. No more for a while :D